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the number designating place in an ordered sequence

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What are the lowest and highest digits and cardinal and ordinal numbers in alphanumeric value (scoring each letter as its alphabetical position, eg, Z=26)?
The entry begins with the identification of three types (A, B, C), and then moves on to the mint and year of specific coins of this period, where we encounter eight different ordinal numbers (1, 2, 3, 3a, 4, 5, 6, 6a), each of which is linked to unique combinations of types, metal, mint, and year.
11) Citing Dedekind (1888), Kronecker (1887), and von Helmholtz (1887) as authorities, he asserted that among the mathematicians of his day, ordinal numbers [Ordnungszahlen], not cardinal ones [Kardinalzahlen], embodied the "primary manifestation" of the concept of number.
Because then it was not known yet that the ordinal number of each element characterizes its charge, it was simply the case that an element possessing a minimal mass was allowed to be designed as No.
12) ensures that the vertices not belonging to the route have no ordinal numbers.
Following [1]) An ordinal number is a set a with the properties that, for each x, y [member of] [alpha] such that x [not equal to] y it holds that either x [member of] y or y [member of] x and (x [member of] y) [conjunction] (y [member of] a) [?
5) the method of multiple objectives based on cardinal numbers is more robust than this one based on ordinal numbers: "an ordinal number is one that indicates order or position in a series, like first, second, etc.
We convert both kinds of ratings from an alphanumerical system to an ordinal number ranging from one (for AAA-rated bonds) to 19 (for CCC-rated bonds).
At some point it was decided that years of ordinal number divisible by 4, such as 1936, 2004, etc.
If a set is well ordered, the ordinal type of the set becomes its ordinal number.
Evaluation of the visual information which best identify the packed product EXPERTS OBJECTS Examinees, mark Ordinal number Text Image Colour 1.