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The order Rodentia dominated the mammalian fauna of Thar Desert, followed by Carnivora, covering four talukas of Tharparkar district.
Rats belong to the Order Rodentia, while bats are part of the Chiroptera order.
This makes the identification of rodents easier; squirrels, rats, mice, chipmunks, porcupines, and beavers are all of the order Rodentia, so they are unquestionably rodents.
Within the order Rodentia most of the species have never been studied and a suitable nomenclature such as the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (NAV, 2005) has not been employed.
These include pseudoscorpions, which often occupy the nests of small mammals, especially of the order Rodentia, including various rats and mice in North and Central America (Rattus norvegicus, Microtus spp.
Order Rodentia Family Muridae Subfamily Crictinae (Mice) Peromyscus sp.
A better understanding of the nutria's traditional but controversial placement in the Order Rodentia will help ascertain whether Louisiana's infamous "nutra rat" is actually a rodent at all.