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This paper is a report of a baseline study conducted on the Order Diptera (flies), which was conducted during the early part of the rainy season in the dry tropical forest of the Yucatan Peninsula, an area which is largely biologically unexplored.
The Order Diptera was chosen as the focus of this research for two reasons: (1) the inherent diversity within the order Diptera, especially in the tropics, and (2) the economic and medical importance of the Order Diptera, particularly in the tropics where they are involved as the vectors or cause of many important diseases of humans, plants, and livestock.
Experimental Design of the Study--Since the primary focus of this research was the establishment of a baseline level of diversity for the order Diptera in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the secondary focus was the comparison of two distinct sites, the experimental design of this research contains elements of both consistency and spontaneity depending on the nature of the capturing technique.
Future ecological research in the study areas of Kiuic and Tabi as well as the Yucatan Peninsula at large will not only be able to rely upon the baseline level of diversity established by this research, but will also be able to focus specifically upon the order Diptera.
To the Editor: Myiasis is an infestation of human tissue by the larval stage of flies of the order Diptera.
Myiasis, a zoonotic disease, is defined as invasion of human living tissue by eggs or larvae from flies of the order Diptera.
In industrialized nontropical countries, a range of species in the order Diptera cause facultative myiasis in patients with neglected wounds (2).
The flies, identified primarily to the order Diptera and the families Muscidae and Calliphoridae, were counted; the count showed that 917 [+ or -] standard deviation (SD) (843.