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a cleric who ordains

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26) But then reforms restricted what wat qualified as ordination sites and who could be an ordainer or get ordained.
Certainly we see no action by any established religion to compete with the online ordainers directly.
However, the strictest Laudian bishops such as Matthew Wren were not great ordainers, perhaps because of the very high standards they upheld for aspiring clerics, and the work of providing a properly ordained ministry was mostly carried out by English moderates and a few Scottish and Irish bishops.
circa 1328), Lord Mayor at the time of the Ordainers, was more than likely a younger son of a Norfolk knight with ties to the Bigod earls of Norfolk.
I might also note Canon 27 which might provoke a smile: "If [bishops] presume henceforth to ordain the ignorant and uninformed, which can indeed easily be detected, we decree that both the ordainers and those ordained are to be subject to severe punishment.