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Synonyms for ordain

Synonyms for ordain

to set forth expressly and authoritatively

Synonyms for ordain

order by virtue of superior authority


appoint to a clerical posts

invest with ministerial or priestly authority

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So they not only thought you could ordain a woman a deacon, they thought you could ordain a woman a bishop.
As Bishop Patricia Fresen has said, "the reason for ordaining women as bishops was only so that they in turn can ordain priests which is the traditional method for ordination in the Roman Catholic Church.
Even in modern times, extreme situations have motivated Catholic bishops to ordain women to the priesthood.
He is planning to ordain more women - and a bishop.
His question: "Is it possible, based on an exammation of church teaching and the vision of the Second Vatican Council vis-a-vis the diaconate, to ordain women as deacons?
When you ordain a man a permanent deacon today, there's no expectation that he would become a priest.
The college is expected to ordain no more than 13 priests every year for the next six years.
Chaves examines both the historical and sociological factors leading to change in those denominations that now ordain women and the institutional elements that prevent change in those that do not.
For some the way to go is to find some validly ordained Roman Catholic bishop who agrees to ordain some women.
I equally know that the early church indeed did ordain local leaders who were married, had received brief local training, were chosen by the local community, and had proven their worthiness over some time.
The TAC does not ordain women, opposes revisions to the Elizabethan Book of Common Prayer and opposes ordaining homosexuals or blessing gay couples.
ROME -- Cardinal Walter Kasper, the Vatican's chief ecumenical official, has warned of a chill in relations with the Church of England if it moves forward with plans to ordain women as bishops, reports Catholic News Service.
He also plans to ordain his mum's cat Timmy while she is on holiday in Majorca.
The Vatican has continually rejected the proposal because of its association with liberation theology and the expectation that the diocese would eventually ordain married men to the priesthood.