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enormous cosmopolitan family of perennial terrestrial or epiphytic plants with fleshy tubers or rootstocks and unusual flowers

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While variety is the spice of life in the orchid family, there are common features that identify them as a group.
Vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family.
The young Megawati and the young Kim met again a year later when she accompanied her father to greet Kim Jong Il's father, then leader Kim Il Sung, during a visit in which both leaders named a flower from the orchid family Kimilsungia.
the slipper (main picture) and cymbidium (above) are members of the tough orchid family
The entire orchid family has been included in the CITES Appendices since the treaty entered into force in 1975.
The orchid family has the greatest number of species of any plant family, estimated at more than 30,000.
Finally, bidders will be given a rare chance to buy into the Desert Orchid family with the sale of
The vanilla vine is a member of the orchid family and native to Mexico.
Although the pollination biology of many deceptive orchids has been investigated, there has been little progress in determining what selective pressures result in the loss of rewards and why the orchid family should be especially prone to deception (Ackerman 1986, Gill 1989).
The orchid family is the largest among plants: approximately 800 genera, more than 35,000 known species, and probably that many or more hybrids.
Epiphytic orchids constitute more than 70% of the orchid family (Atwood, 1986) and nearly all of them occur in the tropics where the conservation challenges are most acute (Cribb et al.
Events put on there included cult Huddersfield Junglism and Sine Wave DJs, Sub:Cult from Leeds and bands such as The Orchid Family.
The orchid family Orchidaceae is the largest in the plant kingdom, and there are some 30,000 known species around the world.
Yadon's piperia (Piperia yadonii), a perennial herb in the orchid family (Orchidaceae),
The event also included a live music stage with sets from Mr Shiraz, The Orchid Family, Escape Artist and Days Of Riot plus an all-day DJ set from The Colne Valley Funk & Soul Club.