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an arranger who writes for orchestras

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Helping PCCW Global optimize its operations, Cortx Service Orchestrator orchestrates and assures these data services over multi-carrier, multi-vendor networks in real-time.
Cortx Service Orchestrator accelerates end-to-end operations of advanced data services by automating workflow orchestration and service assurance across multi-vendor, multi-domain, network technologies.
The orchestrator provides complete lifecycle management for the network edge, including planning, provisioning and performance monitoring for virtual and non-virtual resources.
EdgeGenie Orchestrator is Telco Systems' comprehensive platform for end-to-end management across the entire service provider network which today is often composed of legacy, Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.
EdgeGenie Orchestrator is an orchestration module that manages Distributed NFV deployments including virtual machine initiation, configuration and maintenance, service attachment and chaining, and virtual network function resilience.
AVOB meets these challenges through innovation with its new software solution AVOB(TM) Energy Saver 5 for McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform, fully integrated with the latest versions of ePolicy Orchestrator software.
As the development successor to Fujitsu's resource management software (ServerView Resource Coordinator and Cloud Infrastructure Management Software), Fujitsu ServerView Resource Orchestrator offers a complete range of scalable, and integrated private cloud infrastructure orchestration functions.
All of these entries are biographical sketches that describe each individual's function or significance as orchestrator or in other relevant capacities (e.
For anything up to a week, visitors to Orchestrator would be "in character" feasting and drinking mead and sleeping in Viking long houses or thatched-roofed huts.
Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator also offers sophisticated data-driven workflow automation, powered by the ACE [TM] Rules Engine, including FHA-specific fields, product definitions with FHA case number, Credit Alert Interactive Voice Response System (CAVIR) number and configurable risk-based mortgage insurance premium (MIP) calculations to streamline the origination process, explained Detwiler.
McAfee Inc (NYSE: MFE), a software security company, announced on Friday (21 December) rapid customer adoption of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.
ThinkControl, which is now called Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator, creates a pool of IT resources that can be allocated to applications dynamically based on policies set by business managers.
Rheometric Scientific is developing enhancements to RSI Orchestrator that it says will help customers meet the stringent demands of FDA (U.
The unit operates with Rheometric's Windows-based Orchestrator software, which is said to allow seamless integration into existing computer networks and easy transfer of data to other Windows programs for databases and presentations.
Telecom Italia, which operates the system for the Ministry of Justice, purchased several ORCHESTRATOR multipoint control units (MCUs) from Compunetix as components for the system.