orchestra pit

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lowered area in front of a stage where an orchestra accompanies the performers


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The orchestra pit cover collapsed and some members of the public tumbled seven and a half feet into the black pit beneath on to unforgiving carpeted concrete.
Volpe's rejection of the offer leaves you with the following choices: If you want to insure that you are not hit by stray bouquets, you could either leave the orchestra pit during the four to five minutes between the closing curtain and the appearance of the first principal for a solo bow, or you could keep an eye out for "incoming" bouquets.
A joint-use facility between NSU and the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, the library currently houses a complete stage and practice areas, flyspace, orchestra pit, concert-quality acoustics, lighting and sound capabilities, green rooms, storage space, a music listening area, box office, and concession and foyer/lobby area.
A spokesman for the North East Ambulance Service confirmed a woman in her 30s was injured in the orchestra pit.
Contract award notice: In the space of the orchestra pit, a raised primary table is installed, which carries four additional lifting tables secondary.
Dave Arch in the orchestra pit welcoming Sarah Millican on stage with Go West.
NEW Maestro At The Opera BBC2, 9pm After the success of the 2008 series and ITV1's Popstar To Operastar, a new band of celebs get into the orchestra pit to become classical conductors.
THIS Snow White's dwarf was left looking a bit bashful after she stumbled off stage and plunged 10ft into the orchestra pit.
The theater has undergone a number of acoustical enhancements including the enlargement of the orchestra pit, the installation of a mechanical lift and modification of the stage apron.
IT IS the lot of the players in opera orchestras to spend much of their lives in the confines of an orchestra pit, so when the members of the Orchestra of Welsh National Opera were given the chance to display their symphonic aspirations in the airy space of St Davids Cathedral, their enthusiasm was almost palpable.
Used originally to accompany silent movies of the 1930s, the console that rises from the orchestra pit is a small part of this majestic instrument that is seen by the public.
Owned by the North-East Theatre Organ Association, the Wurlitzer console rose for 38 years from the depths of the orchestra pit in the New Victoria Theatre in Bradford to entertain audiences between films.
While Smith was adjusting the covering in front of one of the private boxes he overbalanced and fell into the orchestra pit.
That's right, the East River, in this case embodied by the orchestra pit, which has been filled with 11,000 gallons of water.