orbital motion

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motion of an object in an orbit around a fixed point

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Now that we've been able to measure orbital motion in one such pair, we're encouraged to seek other, similar pairs.
The orbital motion was generated using a prototype attachment for the instrument.
But there are ways to detect the Moon's orbital motion directly in the course of just an hour or less.
Only later in a second phase of development do students connect this with Newton's law of gravitation itself and explore other consequences of that law, such as the orbital motions of satellites.
the daily motion and the orbital motion of the planet Earth, where all the observers are located, through the non-isotropic and inhomogeneous cosmic space;
like a vehicle making a 360-degree curve)-the orbital motion upsets and ruffles the atmosphere.
Future observations of the planet's orbital motion and the primary star's debris disk may help answer that question.
Using the Doppler effect, RV detection traditionally determines the motion of a star due to the gravitational pull of a companion planet; the star moves opposite that of the orbital motion of the planet, and the stellar features shift in wavelength.
Observers are reminded to carefully record the observing conditions and the stellar limiting magnitude, and should also bear in mind the nightly eastwards 'drift' of the Perseid radiant due to Earth's orbital motion.
Just before the gas plunges to the center, its orbital motion is approaching the speed of light.
Following an overview of the formation and structure of planets and planetary systems, the revised definition of a planet, basics of orbital motion, primary energy sources on planets, and planet diversity, Sanchez- Lavega (physics, U.
For equal amplitudes and clamp forces, orbital motion will dissipate significantly more power (8) than linear motion during Phase I as shown Table 1.
The photons of infrared radiation, weak though they may be, will produce a slight acceleration or deceleration in the rotation rate of the object and, to some degree, its orbital motion, thus modifying the orbit in unpredictable ways.
In fact, most of the greatest theorists had at least a thought or two about orbital motion, especially in the rise and growth of space science.
The bearing consists of two parallel plates where one is fixed while the other plate undergoes an orbital motion.