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having the approximate size of an orange

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Butter your hands and roll the mixture into orange-sized balls.
An ultrasound scan showed her baby was developing normally but also revealed she had she had an orange-sized tumour.
The sweet smelling stores are packed from ceiling to floor with wonderful skincare products, with bath ballistics, orange-sized fizzing bath treats, a top seller.
There was an orange-sized hole dead center of the mattress.
The size of the cannons and their shot are described in terms that readers can visualize, such as the 12-pounder cannons firing orange-sized balls, the 24-pounder guns firing balls the size of grapefruits, and the 32-pounder cannons firing balls the size of coconuts.
So even if neither fall had anything to do with the orange-sized growth removed in the July 15, 1992, operation, it is fair to ask whether the aging pope is not somewhat accident-prone.
The brand takes its consumers on a fantasy complete with a Swedish bikini team, orange-sized nuggets of gold, crates of lobsters and truckloads of Old Milwaukee.
Only a month after doctors removed an orange-sized tumor from his abdomen, the right fielder returned to the playing field to a standing ovation from fans, and continued defying the odds.
During that operation, doctors removed the pope's gall-bladder and an orange-sized tumor from his colon.