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of red tinged with orange


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Good choices for beds and borders include Narcissus 'Fortune', the classic variety with a broad orange cut, and the fragrant 'Altruist', with its rounded yellow petals and deep orange-red cup.
Recommended red and orange-red berry types include P.
Diagnosis: Nothobranchius nubaensis can be distinguished from all other species of the genus by the following combination of characters: 17-19 dorsal fin rays; 17-19 anal fin rays; 29-30 scales in median lateral series; dorsal and anal fin with short filamentous rays in males; pelvic fins short, tips reaching the anus; orange-red head with 3 distinct oblique bars on the operculum; dorsal fin light blue with a pattern of irregular orange-red spots and elongated yellow spots in distal areas; anal fin yellow, light blue at base, with a pattern of orange-red spots; pelvic fins yellow with a pattern of orange-red spots; pectoral fins orange-red with a light blue margin; caudal fin orange-red, with short pale or dark red lines extending from fin base onto fin rays.
Scape bracts narrowly elliptic, acute, laxly and variably serrate, laxly arranged distally, becoming dense proximally, red to orange-red.
In summer, leaf-like flowers on prominent spikes, which give off an offensive smell to attract pollinating flies, are produced, followed in autumn by bright orange-red berries (left).
The odds of finding a lobster that is one-half green-brown and one-half orange-red are one in 100 million.
For an informal, semi-evergreen hedge, go for C simonsii, which is adorned with orange-red berries in the autumn.
Australian Aboriginal artists painted the four ceilings of the library, and orange-red wedges support windows when they are tilted out to provide natural ventilation.
Lopez donned the character's orange-red, Ronald McDonald-like wig and white makeup and sat in front of the mirror practicing expressions, in order to know what he would look like in full character.
At rear, the wine-tinged leaves of Abyssinian banana (Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii') echo the red-hot foliage of Coleus 'Oxblood' and orange-red flowers of 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt' fuchsia.
The Hawthorn will kick off the season with its foliage coming in red before turning green, producing red berries for the birds late summer, and then finishing in orange-red fall foliage.
3m height and spread), evergreen and hardy, and come in a variety of colours from orange-red (Dopey) through pink (Bashful) to yellow (the Flava group) and white (Hydon Hunter).
The orange-red coating runs all over the bag, making it a bit messy to eat after popping because it coats your fingers.
Random tests ordered by trading standards officers in Surrey suggest 57 per cent of Indian restaurants in the county use "illegal and potentially dangerous" levels of dyes to give the sauce its distinctive orange-red hue.
The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background.