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Synonyms for orange-coloured

having the color of ripe oranges

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New Delhi [India], Jan 30 ( ANI ): The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Tuesday decided to not issue separate orange-coloured passports to its Emigration Check Required (ECR) holders and to continue with the current practice of printing of the last page of the passport.
They smashed the window of a van parked in Glenfield Avenue and stole two orange-coloured Paslode nail guns and a blue Makita drill.
Zesty orange blooms will brighten up your interior Orange-coloured flowers are the perfect shade to use for late summer or early autumn arrangements.
Orange-coloured children's bottles with a snail and spider design; pink with a butterfly design and yellow coloured with stars are being pulled.
The male uniform is a dark suit with a predominantly orange-coloured tie, while women will sport a similar suit with an orange scarf.
If our eyes tell us a drink is orange-coloured, the brain expects it to taste of oranges.
Traditionally served in a tall glass, this hazy orange-coloured beer is extremely lively and pours with a thick, foamy, white head.
I TOO saw the orange-coloured UFOs travelling roughly north to south over Huddersfield on New Year's Eve, as did the pensioner at Springwood as reported in the Examiner.
The orange-coloured man who wore a sailor's hat and destroyed Abba.
ON THURSDAY, I walked out of my house to find that my orange-coloured lily plant in full bloom had been dug up and stolen
Police are warning people to stay away from the orange-coloured capsules which could have fatal consequences, after they were sold in Amble.
MORE Rangers fans are buying a Chinese club's orange-coloured shirt than their own club's official kit.
We know that our bright green cauliflowers are already a hit with kids so we think the orange-coloured ones can further their appeal.
The 12-year-old was pushed off his orange-coloured Kona Blast in a play area next to Wadebridge Drive, Horeston Grange, at 3.
The heroin has been described in one form as being a light orange-coloured powder and in its second form as a sandy-coloured rock with black specks.