orange yellow

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a shade of yellow tinged with orange

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Fruit and seed morphology: Fruit skin colour was yellow in TB5 and TB11, orange in TB13, yellowish white in TB8 and TB15, while orange yellow in all other genotypes.
colour was yellowish white in TB6, orange yellow in TB1, TB3, TB8, TB9 and TB15 while orange in all other genotypes.
Orange yellow skin as well as pulp colour has also been reported in a number of loquat varieties including 'Cardona', 'Algerie' and 'Golden Nugget' (Llacer et al.
This shop sold flashy gear - slim Jim ties, shirts with cut-away collars, orange yellow or green fluorescent socks, top pocket hankies which were a piece of card with three cotton triangles of cotton on top that showed above the pocket and other such stuff.
Clarins' spring make-up is positively blooming this season, with gorgeous petal moulded eye shadow palettes, in minty fresh blues and a highly contrasted selection with a deep red, orange yellow and blue, for when you fancy pushing the colour boat out.