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bottled or freshly squeezed juice of oranges

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After orange juice, the participants could remember 8% more information than with orange squash.
The next day, you will find BOTH the water and the orange juice have frozen into ice cubes.
The report said a 30 percent deficiency of vitamin C results in fatigue that can be overcome by taking a glass of orange juice.
Concentration and stability of ascorbic acid in marketed reconstituted orange juice.
The decline in orange juice consumption can be partially explained by a shift in consumer preferences.
Orange juice from concentrate is also a processed drink.
Orthonasal and retronasal thresholds for esters were twice (methyl butanoate) to thirty times (ethyl propanoate) higher in the orange juice matrix than the published values found in water.
In 2010 a study found that blood orange juice protected laboratory mice on a high-fat diet from obesity, according to Prof Martin.
Although the vast majority of orange juice - the most popular juice in the EU is imported from Brazil, Europe has higher tolerance levels for residues of carbendazim than the US, and to date EU regulators have opted not to impose restrictions or extra tests on Brazilian imports.
The term "freshly squeezed" can be used as the oranges were freshly squeezed when they were picked but in order to keep juice from spoiling, the manufacturers use a system that removes the oxygen from the juice -- a process that also removes the important compounds that make fresh orange juice taste so fragrant and fresh.
The two undertakings proposed to group their orange juice activities, exercised by Citrovita and Citrosuco, respectively.
Ariou Emamifar's PhD thesis focuses on the use of polymeric packs that contain silver and zinc oxide nanoparticles as a new method in order to keep fresh natural orange juice.
THE Daily Record's recent article, 'Orange juice will trash your gnashers', refers to a study which was carried out in a way that does not represent how people drink orange juice and is completely unrealistic.