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(psychoanalysis) the first sexual and social stage of an infant's development

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According to the SOMA and FEES assessments, the oral phase of swallowing was abnormal in all 9 infants.
Similar to the Court of Justice, proceedings before the General Court generally have a written and oral phase, and the oral phase is usually a public hearing.
3) The oral phase is controlled primarily by cortical and subcortical areas.
During oral phase B, the median progression-free survival was 17.
Oral phase dysphagia is often recognized through the clinical exam (detailed history and by watching the child eat).
One of these explanations considers the nasal phase of a contour consonant as the enhancement of an underlying voice contrast, the other explanation regards the oral phase realized on an underlying nasal consonant as a strategy to maintain a neat oral/nasal contrast on vowels.
The drug is currently in a Phase IIa trial for patients with T-cell leukemia and a combination IV and oral Phase I pharmacokinetic trial in healthy volunteers.
A trend toward significance also was seen during the oral phase.
Henaut's explicit critique of the enterprise of 'working back from the textual medium to the oral phase itself' is welcome.
The experience of severance will be one of the fundamental events in early childhood, at least in the oral phase.
Cenicriviroc (CVC) is a first-in-class, once-daily, oral Phase 3 ready potent immunomodulator that blocks two chemokine receptors, CCR2 and CCR5, which are involved in the inflammatory and fibrogenic pathways in NASH that cause liver damage and often lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer or liver failure.
The compound is currently being investigated in an oral Phase I/II clinical study in myelofibrosis patients at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, New York.