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in a sumptuous and opulent manner


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Think sumptuously upholstered furniture and reflective surfaces co-starring with luxe fabrics like velvet, cashmere and fur for an opulently feminine feel.
16) The Shows, David Bergeron notes, "began in the mid-sixteenth century and flourished most opulently during the reigns of James I and Charles I.
Shaleen never uses the images opulently, or as blurred emotive impressions.
It is opulently clear that the proposed hearing in April is not going to be capable of going ahead and that a report of any view is not going to be ready for Jun," Mill said.
The soup proved to be opulently rich and creamy, the subtle, vaguely nutty flavour of the celeriac punctuated by the intense smokiness of the duck.
In addition Polanski's script mutes Shakespeare's metaphysically startling image of the king's dead body, described in terms of the opulently gilded iconography of martyrology: "Here lay Duncan, / His silver skin laced with his golden blood / And his gashed stabs looked like a breach in nature, / For ruin's wasteful entrance" (2.
The firearms include pieces of historical significance, opulently engraved specimens, and extremely rare models.
The Adrienne is opulently decorated in 18th century country French style with custom-made furniture with intricate woodcarving and rich fabrics.
For a memorable dining experience, try the stunning and rather opulently designed Veda, a restaurant that has its own unique take on contemporary Indian cuisine in Connaught Place.
While the Madoffs clearly lived opulently," observes ProPublica (a Pulitzer-Prize-winning nonprofit organization devoted to "investigative journalism in the public interest"), "no evidence has emerged that their combined assets and expenditures approached the amount the Picower family is alleged to have withdrawn from the scheme.
hams her way through this action drama where being opulently outrageous comes naturally to everyone.
Aligned to the Intercontinental chain since 1996, this elegant French-style hotel hosts 73 opulently designed rooms and suites and two restaurants.
The third painting, The Consummation of Empire, highlights the transformation of the people into citizens of a benign state, opulently clad, enjoying their existence.
Besides the comfort of the opulently appointed Reflections Leisure Club, you can also enjoy the irresistible 18-hole golf course designed by Seve Ballesteros.