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in a sumptuous and opulent manner


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A small and less than opulently endowed federation produces a team fast, fit, organised and ambitious, more than good value for a draw with South Africa.
Above the restaurant are two luxurious suites filled with antiques, opulently draped beds and roll-top baths large enough for two.
In the 90s, we demanded they became more 'like us' - paying taxes, trimming the Civil List, living less opulently and empathising more with the trials and tribulations of ordinary people.
At 25, the WBO featherweight champion is believed to be worth pounds 17million, with more than pounds 2million-worth of luxury cars parked opulently on his Sheffield driveway.
The feeling of insecurity and resentment against those who can afford it all and are opulently showing off undoubtedly plays a part in popular discontent, yet it would be wrong to attribute the malaise simply to psychological causes.
LUXURY - The opulently splendid suites at the hotel
The locations are so opulently drawn that the real star here is the setting, which is livelier than the creepy mannequin-like presentations of actors Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Emma Watson (Hermione), and Rupert Grint (Ron).
The hotel was exclusively booked out for a whole weekend and celebrations included an opulently decorated marquee, spectacular fireworks display, live opera and even a surprise performance from Irish pop star, Ronan Keating.
Decorated opulently, and filled to bursting with an eclectic mix - I saw Cleopatra, a fairy, a bunny girl, a Victorian miss, and countless cowboys the night I was there - this club is a hit.
The move to the opulently furnished premises - with walnut-panelled walls and art deco ceilings - was carried out in November 1997 under the then Agriculture Minister Dr Jack Cunningham, now the Cabinet enforcer.
Wine expert Jancis Robinson describes gewurztraminer as "deeply coloured, opulently aromatic and fuller-bodied than almost any other white wine".
He was a shrewd purchaser," says Victoria Kastner, who wrote an opulently illustrated book called "Hearst Castle," and who argues that, in retrospect, his taste in art has proven to be far more sophisticated than some of his detractors had suggested.
Elder and the CBSO - something must surely be done to re-formalise this productive relationship - partnered Donohoe with warmth and enthusiasm, and, at last free from the responsibilities of accompaniment, turned in a sinewy, stirring account of Elgar's In the South Overture; given with such vigour, the piece was less opulently Straussian than it sometimes appears.
A lot of effort has obviously gone into creating a relaxing mood, particularly with the opulently laid-out, yet soft, lighting.
In the Kennedy Center's opulently appointed revival of "Mame," that staircase glides around to become a gateway to the world opened up by its ineffably worldly title character.