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Synonyms for optional

Synonyms for optional

not compulsory or automatic

Antonyms for optional

possible but not necessary


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service of an Optional Conversion Notice, to irrevocably require the
Participate in an Optional Pre-Conference Workshop, "From Controller to CFO: Creating a Roadmap to Success," which is expected to sell out quickly
Other colleges with some form of optional standardized test or SAT I (New SAT) requirements include Hartwick (N.
While HIFA does provide more flexibility to states, it does not help states that already expanded services to optional or expanded populations unless they are willing to reduce benefits to those covered populations.
Accordingly, the final regulations generally provide that a defined contribution plan does not violate the requirements of section 411(d)(6) merely because the plan is amended to eliminate or restrict the ability of a participant to receive payment of accrued benefits under a particular optional form of benefit if, after the plan amendment is effective with respect to the participant, the alternative forms of payment available to the participant include payment in a single-sum distribution form that is otherwise identical to the optional form of benefit that is being eliminated or restricted.
94-76 allows profit-sharing and stock bonus plans to be amended to eliminate an optional form of benefit provided for in the plan before Dec.
For added convenience, Gehl offers an optional Power-A-Tach(TM) system that lets users quickly connect and disconnect attachments without leaving the seat.
Styling is plainly utilitarian, but there's plenty of room inside for five adults (or six in a pinch with the optional front bench seat).
Montero RS will be priced at $19,599 and will feature a limited- slip differential, an optional power package that includes cruise control and power windows and door locks and an available sliding electric sun roof.
The Notice of Redemption and Optional Repurchase will be mailed to holders of the Notes no later than Tuesday, July 19, 2011.
Opponents of optional federal chartering often cite political and substantive concerns, such as state reluctance to give up tax revenue, effective functioning of state guaranty funds and the need for local market prerogatives.
Optional probes include universal, surface, air-gas, and hypodermic.