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with optimism

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With e-book readers becoming one of hottest-selling consumer electronics, Scott Liu, chairman of PVI, has optimistically projected the overall market for the devices to further grow by 250% in 2011, indicating a rosy market prospect for his company.
Optimistically, the statement said that Australia is and will continue to outperform the other advanced economies that have suffered from this global slow down.
But a gastric band operation a year ago has seen her shed 12 stones and look optimistically to the future.
Instructors speak optimistically of their pupils' progress in reading and math.
Why People Get Sick" argues that grave and serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and arthritis can be made worse by the sufferer's head, but also suggests optimistically that beating illness in one's mind is the first step to beating it in one's body.
Examining the upcoming doomsday scenarios facing social security and Medicare, it touches optimistically on the possibility of a much brighter American future for its finances.
It achieved the value I was optimistically looking for," he said.
Punting high/low A quiet week trying to combat Cheltenham withdrawal symptoms Recent eyecatcher Shirley Casper looked one of the best prospects in last year's Champion Bumper and finally made her injury-delayed debut over hurdles on Sunday, a promising performance too if, as it looked, she was in need of the race Looking forward to A dramatic increase in racehorse ownership among actresses following Dame Judi's triumph in the Lincoln Thoughts for the week are with those dodgy jumpers being optimistically prepared for the Grand National.
I AM aware of Newcastle's proud record at St James' Park, but I also always travel there optimistically.
Markets: Wall Street closed out a rocky week with a moderate gain Friday as investors, buoyed by new inflation data, bought optimistically ahead of this week's torrent of earnings releases.
8% but bosses looked optimistically to the future after launching 240 websites and six new newspaper titles and acquiring Email4Property in May 2006 for pounds 4.
Juan Rivera's initial fears that his career had ended have subdued and now he optimistically targets June for his return.
Ramon Oller's world premiere, Corazon Al-Andaluz, optimistically recalls the harmonious coexistence of Jews, Muslims, and Christians in 11th-century Andalucia.
However, if you assume the influential nature of human behavior, then your mission, while never easy, will be optimistically "possible.
He is yet to reach full fitness but has made sufficient recovery to talk optimistically of his involvement on the tour which comprises three Tests and seven one-day internationals.
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