optical telescope

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an astronomical telescope designed to collect and record light from cosmic sources

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So, Leckrone writes in an e-mail, "Hubble is the first major astronomical optical telescope in space.
The Keck Telescopes are the world's largest optical telescopes, with the primary mirror of each of the 25-meter-tall telescopes measuring 10m in dia.
LBT is an optical telescope that relies on mirrors, and the technology for very large telescope mirrors is relatively young.
Apart from the usual living and guest spaces, the clients requested two studies, areas for entertainment and an optical telescope platform (the husband i s a former radio astronomer and the site was selected as much for its night-time view of crystal clear skies as daytime panoramas).
Gazing through a traditional optical telescope, you'd see a galaxy 50 billion light years away from Earth as a fuzzy oval of light.
The Goodrich team in Danbury has been involved in various aspects of the Hubble program since its inception, including providing the entire optical telescope assembly.
FIRST Minister Carwyn Jones is throwing his weight behind a push to ensure North Wales secures tens of millions of pounds worth of work on the world's biggest optical telescope.
Scientists will use the optical telescope at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Harvard, Massachusetts, to try to detect light signals they believe could be sent from distant civilisations.
With a planned launch date in the summer of 2006, the Solar-B satellite will use its 50cm-diameter optical telescope with a focal plane package, grazing-incidence soft X-ray telescope, and EUV imaging spectrometer to observe the solar atmosphere.
You look at a given patch of sky with Chandra and our best optical telescope.
A team of European astronomers has peered deeper into the universe than anyone before with an optical telescope.
But no one's spotted a magnetar with an ordinary optical telescope yet--the Milky Way's thick dust clouds make the star too hard to see.
The DCI(TM) - D1(TM) Camera Head combines unique optical telescope and camera designs, including a latching mechanism that allows telescopes to be changed quickly with a simple snap-on/snap-off exchange.
int/ESA) European Space Agency 's XMM-Newton's optical telescope.
HUNDREDS of jobs could be created in North Wales if the region wins a massive contract to make huge mirrors for the world's biggest optical telescope.
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