optical prism

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optical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz

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Founded in 1998, the company has applied its patent-pending, optical prism technology to its own PC Peripherals and also works with other third party companies to develop products ranging from entry-access and door locks, time and attendance systems, to PC's, workstations, communication and computer networks, and ATMs.
The compact unit incorporates a patent-pending optical prism technology that resists physical impact, scratching and extreme weather conditions.
SecuGen's ready-to-install, patent-pending optical prism and proprietary fingerprint identification software, SecuDesktop, scans the fingerprint and builds a unique 3-D, encrypted data profile for each authorized user.
Products include windows, mirrors, prisms, and assembled optics from square, rectangular, and circular parts, to extremely complex shapes and precision optical prisms.
Most optical prisms in this price range are made from borosilicate (BK-7) glass.