optical prism

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optical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz

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It includes optical prism technology that confuses the eyes and blurs imperfections – working perfectly to help aging hands/skin look young and appear more toned.
The other (work) beam is guided by means of another optical fibre towards the system of surface plasmon resonance where it falls perpendicularly on the transparent face of an optical prism, is reflected from a golden coating deposited on thin layer on another face of the prism and leaves it through its third transparent face, reaching an optical convergent lens which focuses radiation on an optical fibre which on its turn meets, by means of an adder, the optical fibre transporting the reference beam, the two light signals falling, after they have merged, on a semi transparent mirror of an interferometer of Michelson type.
PEMSTAR has been selected to develop and manufacture an automated assembly cell for building the Optical Prism Assembly (OPA).
For the purposes of the functional specification, the following system components will be the focus: automated total stations, optical prism targets, monitoring software including automated alarm notification, meteorological sensors and the ability to incorporate some number of geotechnical sensors.
Based on Material, the market is classified into Quartz, Optical Prism, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Sapphire (Coating Material), Adhesives.