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They launched a probe and found a four-inch optical lens broken on a production line.
The company is specialized in production of various optical Lens, polarized lens, converging Lens, convex/concave lenses, magnifier/ magnifying glasses, telescope lenses, spotlight lenses, and optical coating products.
The real advancement for us was the ability to diamond-tool engrave very high precision optical lens arrays seamlessly around large embossing rolls" says Roberts.
Industry executives estimated the local optical lens industry to outperform other segments when business boom comes back based on studies that smartphone market will likely rise 40% in 2012.
PPG Industries of Pittsburgh has developed a new optical lens material that it claims is lighter and stronger than its previous eyeglass products.
a Woodland Hills-based telecommunications and optical lens company, said it received court approval to settle a lawsuit against Sam D.
Power "H & V" optical lens shift allows the user to adjust the lens horizontally and vertically, minimizing keystone distortion.
Following years of development, the industrial park has evolved into the world's largest manufacturing base of optical communication connectors and optical lens modules now, with production value exceeding RMB3 billion in 2010.
The current or eddy field acts like an optical lens to focus the wave action, says applied mathematician Bengt Fornberg of the University of Colorado at Boulder.
StockerYale's expertise in optical lens design and modeling enables the Company to provide a real competitive advantage to its laser technology platform.
6 November 2015 - US-based ophthalmic lens manufacturer Vision Ease has expanded its product portfolio and distribution capabilities with the acquisition of South Korean optical lens manufacturer Daemyung Optical Co.
The main goal of the SMARTLENS project is to exploit a recently developed technology to create a new paradigm in optical imaging by transforming at low cost any conventional static optical lens into an adaptive lens whose imaging properties can be dynamically shaped almost at will.
15, 2011 (CENS) -- For different reasons, some of Taiwanese optical lens makers scored robust revenue in August.
In fact, as Canon has long been regarded as an expert in optical lens design and production, all ZR series camcorders will feature 35x optical zoom - Canon's longest zoom ever.
Tenders are invited for Patternless Optical Lens Edging System.