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purchase of a patternless optical lens edging system.
another major maker of optical lens in Taiwan, secured most of iPhone5's high-end lens orders to hit NT$ 1.
In fact, as Canon has long been regarded as an expert in optical lens design and production, all ZR series camcorders will feature 35x optical zoom - Canon's longest zoom ever.
Following years of development, the industrial park has evolved into the world's largest manufacturing base of optical communication connectors and optical lens modules now, with production value exceeding RMB3 billion in 2010.
1, which offers faster solution times, interfaces more easily with leading structural CAE products, and provides new analysis capabilities for optical lens applications.
15, 2011 (CENS) -- For different reasons, some of Taiwanese optical lens makers scored robust revenue in August.
Contract awarded for optical lens supply contract for health dept lake ranco.
Driven by rising demand due to popularity of smartphones that use optical lenses, Taiwanese optical lens manufacturers are gradually challenging the dominance of Japanese counterparts in the global market in recent years.
A new optical lens material is said to improve on the industry standard, ADC (allyl diglycol carbonate) monomer, by offering superior impact resistance and lighter weight.
Contract awarded for public notice this objective is to purchase agreement by optical lens demand for health service arauco
In addition to telecom service companies, Taiwanese optical lens manufacturers, such as Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical, will also benefit from the upcoming rise of 3D smartphones, as bare-eye 3D technology calls for more use of optical lenses and will help to fuel manufacturer's shipment as a result.
The modules are integrated with optical lens or light pipe designs and include special heat sink designs optimized for specific applications.
Canon's largest overseas plant for high-tier DSCs in the Taichung EPZ will benefit suppliers of optical lens and key components, with the group saying the plant would nurture talents for Taiwan's optical industry and make central Taiwan the hub for the local optical industry.