optical disk

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a disk coated with plastic that can store digital data as tiny pits etched in the surface

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Surface-Enhanced Raman Optical Data Storage (SERODS)--This highly experimental technique uses a method of scattering laser light on a molecular surface and offers storage densities as much as 100 times greater than the conventional optical disk.
The converted image then is stored on optical disks.
Such devices work like a traditional jukebox, storing many optical disks that can be called up one at a time as needed.
5-inch rewritable optical disks has been expanded to include a 230 megabyte (MB) cartridge.
This image is then compressed and stored to an optical disk.
Taiwanese Optical Disk Drive Shipment Volume, 3Q 2008 - 4Q 2011
Today, Nearline storage consists of robotics that presently accesses either magnetic tape cartridges or optical disks.
Interrupting your work to format an optical disk for 20 minutes is very inconvenient for Macintosh users accustomed to faster, more productive systems," says Dave Berry, Maxell's manager of new product development.
Like music jukeboxes, these units use robotics to mount and dismount large numbers of optical disks.
The IBM write-once read-many (WORM) optical disk cartridges are based on ablative technology which creates a permanent mark on the disk, assuring the permanence of the data and creating a data audit trail.
An optical disk provides greater storage capacities than do magnetic tapes or disks.
com/research/95027a/the_taiwanese_opti) has announced the addition of the "The Taiwanese Optical Disk Drive Industry, 3Q 2009" report to their offering.
June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Network Imaging Corporation (NIC) (NASDAQ: IMGX; Boston: IGX) today said it signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement for its patented SPANServer(TM) optical disk storage technology with Dickens Data Systems, Inc.
com) is a leading supplier of optical disk storage - Magneto Optical Disks, CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray discs.
Dorotech France SA is a leading developer of document imaging and optical disk storage software in Europe.