optical aberration

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an optical phenomenon resulting from the failure of a lens or mirror to produce a good image

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The increasing use of custom ablation to remove optical aberrations and FL to reduce flap-associated complications has helped refractive surgery take a giant leap forwards, and research is continuing in this area.
The unique approach of IIS is to determine optical aberrations from the image itself, accurately describe them mathematically and then reverse them through deconvolution.
5-60 wide-angle cine zoom and the FK30-300 telephoto cine zoom are both precision-matched lenses that incorporate "breakthrough" Canon optical designs which optimise and enhance multipleimaging attributes, while minimising optical aberrations and distortions.
It is typically recommended to people with optical aberrations on the cornea.
Research has shown that at typical interior light levels, lighting is sufficiently high so that the decrease in optical aberrations of the eye caused by a smaller pupil usually more than compensates for the small loss in retinal light quantity.
For the PSI, the eccentricity errors are about three times smaller than for the autocollimator, indicating that optical aberrations are somewhat smaller for the PSI than for the autocollimator.
Other optical improvements include the use of a large-diameter ground and polished aspherical element and a UD glass element that work together with the DO elements for thorough correction of spherical, chromatic and other optical aberrations.
Bauer's head-worn display (HWD) designs in CODE V incorporate freeform optical surfaces to facilitate smaller system sizes and minimize optical aberrations.
21,22) It has been hypothesised that some of the near vision benefits of single optic AIOLs may be due to lens flexure during accommodative effort, which may impact on the eye's optical aberrations, increasing depth of focus.
The flat lens eliminates optical aberrations such as the "fish-eye" effect, that results from the conventional wide-angle lenses.
Implementation of this tantalizing concept was previously seen as impossible due to the physical and technical hurdles that stood in the way of achieving the required resolution, because lower accelerating voltages lead to significant optical aberrations.
Energy Department's TEAM project, contributing additional research on the spherical and chromatic correction of optical aberrations.
With Loop lenses, the optical aberrations usually associated with conventional wrap lenses are minimised and the wrap angle is incorporated as a parameter for each individual wrap lens, "providing optimum correction right from the start".
HLP can also correct for distortion and optical aberrations in software, enabling novel table-top projection.
The new lenses offer minimised optical aberrations usually associated with conventional wrap lenses and give "optimum correction right from the start".