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Synonyms for optical

serving, resulting from, or relating to the sense of sight


Synonyms for optical

relating to or using sight

of or relating to or resembling the eye

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With these facts, here far too briefly and imperfectly given, which show that there is much graduated diversity in the eyes of living crustaceans, and bearing in mind how small the number of living animals is in proportion to those which have become extinct, I can see no very great difficulty (not more than in the case of many other structures) in believing that natural selection has converted the simple apparatus of an optic nerve merely coated with pigment and invested by transparent membrane, into an optical instrument as perfect as is possessed by any member of the great Articulate class.
It is deposited in fine, transparent, highly polished, brown-coloured laminae, possessing peculiar optical properties, on the inside of a vessel, in which cloth, first prepared with glue and then with lime, is made to revolve rapidly in water.
It must be something in the currents, or a sort of optical illusion, because in the last shipwreck one man was saved, and he swore that at the time they struck the rock, they were headed straight for the light.
From the hat the eyes of the robust anarchist wandered to the displaced table, gazed at the broken dish for a time, received a kind of optical shock from observing a white gleam under the imperfectly closed eyelids of the man on the couch.
We, who have no such optical powers, are better pleased to take our last parting look at the visionary companions of many solitary hours, when the brief sunshine of the world is blazing full upon them.
Details of the technology used in this switch were presented at ECOC-IOOC 2003 (European Conference on Optical Communication/International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fibre Communications), held in Rimini, Italy starting September 21.
Factors leading to optical RAID's inability to mark a strong presence in the data center environment may be threefold: Lack of considerable price point advantage in comparison to magnetic tape, lack of performance advantage, and lack of consumer demand.
An optical disk provides greater storage capacities than do magnetic tapes or disks.
In addition to a technical conference that spans the whole meeting, there will be an exposition featuring the latest in optical technology from more than 600 of the industry's key companies.
Proven DWDM optical technology from NEC, combined with core optical switching hardware and software from Tellium, will give carriers a high- capacity, reliable and cost-effective mesh network solution with a smaller footprint that requires less power and maintenance.
The centralized location of the media when using optical NAS devices makes this a much simpler task.
This report focuses on the following: sports and fashion sunglasses, optical frames, and reading glasses
Lucent's Optical Services Manager, which Bell Labs brought from research to market in just eight months, is an innovative software platform that provides network operators with such capabilities as "point-and-click" bandwidth provisioning.
Avago Technologies today announced it has shipped its 600 millionth optical mouse sensor since the release of its first navigation sensor in 1999.
Optical Line Systems" introduces the principles of optical fibre and describes the capabilities, components and operation of the optical links that interconnect the nodes of a SDH-based broadband network.