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the point where the optic nerve enters the retina

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Furthermore, a follow-up funduscopic examination revealed resolution of the subretinal fluid and optic disc edema (Figure 1c), and OCT confirmed the resolution of serous retinal detachment in both eyes (Figure 1d).
His initial ophthalmologic examination revealed optic disc pit in both eyes and serous macular detachment in the right eye (Fig.
It is useful to compare the size of the haemorrhage with the diameter of the large veins that emerge from the optic disc.
After localization of optic disc and center of mass points, we calculate angle between baseline and the line passing these two points as shown in figure 2.
The most common adverse reactions (more than 5%) reported in patients receiving EYLEA were conjunctival hemorrhage, maculopathy, eye pain, increased intraocular pressure, retinal exudates, retinal vascular disorder, and optic disc vascular disorder.
Mr Borland identified the condition as papilledema - a swelling of the optic disc that is caused by increased pressure exerted by the cranium on the brain tissue.
Objectively on ophthalmoscope examination, this process manifests as a swollen optic disc.
This patient had features suggesting an atypical optic neuritis, particularly haemorrhages that accompanied optic disc swelling.
Physical examination showed splenomegaly 10 cm below the costal margin, and segmentation and dilatation of capillaries around the optic disc.
Rebekah Perrett, 24, thought faulty glasses were causing her headaches but her eye doctor noticed a swollen optic disc.
FLASHAlbum, is one such technology that enables distributors of optic disc media (CDs and DVDs) to combine the best features of both mediums on one USB flash drive.
Regular ocular exams including vision check, extra ocular muscle exam, intraocular pressure measurement, optic disc evaluation and visual field testing should be performed.
Their tests revealed the optic disc at the back of her left eye had swollen due to pressure in the brain.
Proliferative diabetic retinopathy occurs when new blood vessels form on the optic disc or another component of the retina.