optic chiasm

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the crossing of the optic nerves from the two eyes at the base of the brain

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In addition, the manipulation and retraction of the optic nerve and the optic chiasm are reduced by adopting a medial-to-lateral trajectory in ETA.
Abnormal crossing of the optic nerve fibres at the optic chiasm is also a common feature in albinism.
When large, these lesions can distort the suprasellar cistern and compress or displace multiple structures including the optic chiasm and prechiasmatic optic nerves, internal carotid arteries, and pituitary stalk.
Despite the adherence of lesion to the optic chiasm and cavernous sinus in this case, there was no neuro-opthalmological sign detected in physical examination.
In our case, the aforementioned findings seen with posterior PFVS were present, as well as ipsilateral optic nerve and optic chiasm hypoplasia and an absent neurohypophysis.
Initial imaging revealed a space-occupying, non-enhancing lesion in the optic chiasm.
Surgery may be considered for patients who have pituitary incidentalomas if there is clinically significant growth of the lesion, loss of endocrino-logic function, or an "unremitting headache," or if a patient is planning a pregnancy and has a lesion close to the optic chiasm.
The SCN, located in the hypothalamus just above the optic chiasm, controls a person's circadian rhythm.
Visual defects occurred in some, secondary to pressure in the area of the optic chiasm from associated hydrocephalus.
To this end, hypophysis and hypothalamus at the optic chiasm zone were quickly removed and cut into 1cm-thick coronal sections.
5 cm mass lesion extending from intrasellar to suprasellar region abutting the optic chiasm (Figure 1).
The work being done by the group has already helped young patients like five-year-old Poppy Guilder, who has been treated for a rare type of brain tumour - an optic chiasm glioma - at Birmingham Children's Hospital since she was 14 months-old.