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Synonyms for optative

a mood (as in Greek or Sanskrit) that expresses a wish or hope

relating to a mood of verbs in some languages

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6) Similarly, the optative mood in the Slave construction in (18) cannot be interpreted as marking the desire of the speaker without losing the purposive interpretation of the entire structure.
For the subjunctive, optative and participle moods there are only a few examples, and it is not quite clear whether they should be interpreted periphrastically.
And surely Jarvis is right to stress that Wordsworth's strongest poetic moments de-exclude the middle between indicative and optative mood, or between description and prayer.
The trace of the marker *-sV is observed in the Mari suffix -sV, -zV, primarily in case of the imperative and optative (desiderative), e.
Nevertheless, the syntactic context allows for another interpretation, with the verb PRAY followed by a subordinate noun clause, functioning as the verb's object, in which the pronoun has the function of the subject and the following verb is in the subjunctive mood, showing modality (it is optative, i.
The Transcendentalist," "Our American literature and spiritual history are, we confess, in the optative mood" (EPP 198 [Nature; Addresses, Lectures]).
Approximately thirty years after his doctoral research he explained that he had introduced the term ambilateral as against bilateral to indicate that in Maori society affiliation was optative and that use of both parents was not automatic or necessary (Firth 1957: 5; 1963: 32).
Besides an apparent optative (len mi 'gyur), its Tibetan version exhibits an adverb (slar yan, presumably *punar or *aparam) and a *bharam.
Ruth reaches this level of spiritual insight through her use of what we are calling the optative mode, an inherently speculative mode of discourse.
Researchers also use archives to create social relationships: we hope to speak with the dead (homologous to the vlogger's "conversations" with "others," always in the optative and the future) or to use the dead to speak with one another (homologous to YouTube replaying, remixing, and posting).
There also are other minor complement types, such as complementizer + optative clauses and complementizer + participial clauses.
The Inferential in the meaning of the Optative expresses the communicative modality.
The "right of forgetting" entails not the citizen's obligation to remember to forget evil, but a "wish in the optative mood to .
The sonnet's optative mode implies that even this modest, unrevelatory kind of transparency is unattainable.
If that culture's commodified image does indeed embody social desire, that desire's ultimate mystery installs within the social body a certain opaque density, the self-estrangement of the social optative that the commodity form historically evinces.