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make (cells) more susceptible to the action of phagocytes

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SP-A ve SP-D ozgun olarak RSV-F ve RSV-G proteinlerine baglanirlar ve RSV'yi makrofajlar icin opsonize ederlerler (38).
Opzonize partikullerin makrofajlar tarafi ndan fagositozu ve parcalanip yok edilmesi yani konak serum orneginin bakteriyi opsonize etme yetenegi in-vitro olarak Opsonofagositik aktivite yontemi (OPA) ile olculebilir (25-27).
In addition, it has been shown that this antibody has the ability to opsonize and agglutinate the antigen and to fix complement [4].
Antibodies have the ability to neutralize bacterial toxins, block attachment of viruses to cells, opsonize bacteria, and activate the inflammatory response.
These reactions are usually attributed to the antibody's ability to fix complement (a series of plasma proteins), opsonize particles, or function in an antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity reaction.
INTRODUCTION: The Complement System is a cascade of over 30 activating, effector and regulatory proteins that enhance the ability of the humoral immune system to opsonize or destroy a variety of pathogens.