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an antibody in blood serum that attaches to invading microorganisms and other antigens to make them more susceptible to the action of phagocytes

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In the NBT "glass" slides, the adherence of the neutrophils to the glass surface in the presence of opsonin causes some neutrophils to take up and reduce the NBT.
but Shaw was not about to concede that Ridgeon's opsonin treatment was any less ridiculous in its way than the removal of something Walpole calls the "nuciform sac.
39) CRP is an opsonin and marker of inflammation that correlates with increased cardiac risk.
It appears that there is a balance through which CRP is capable of acting as an opsonin in the host response to infection, but at the same time, limiting excessive damaging inflammatory response to the host (9).
Antikorlar funguslara indirekt olarak ya tek basina opsonin olarak fonksiyon gorerek ya da fungal yuzeyde iC3b' ye yikilan ve C3b olarak aktive edilen ve birikera komplemen faktor C3 ile birlikte inhibe edebilir.
It was more likely that IgY behaves as an opsonin facilitating the uptake of the fungus by phagocytes.
Winkelstein JA, Smith MR, Shin HS (1975) The role of C3 as an opsonin in the early stages of infection.
Differential release of superoxide anions by macrophages treated with long and short fibre amosite asbestos is a consequence of differential affinity for opsonin.
The top performing drugmaker was Opsonin Pharma, which posted a 51% revenue boost, followed by Eskayef Bangaldesh (+42%) and Drug International (+39%).