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Synonyms for opprobrious

of, relating to, or characterized by verbal abuse

meriting or causing shame or dishonor

Synonyms for opprobrious

expressing offensive reproach

Related Words

(used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame

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Concerted activity will seldom lose its protection because it is opprobrious.
In such exchanges, then, "assassination" entered the language as a term to mark some political killings as particularly opprobrious murders.
The term "jacknape" became widespread in late fifteenth-century literature as a popular, and opprobrious, nickname for William de la Pole, which punned on his badge of the clog and chain, similar to those that chained monkeys.
US Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour Michael Posner, a frequent and 'lecturing' visitor to Bahrain, made an opprobrious remark on the sidelines of the recent Manama Dialogue here.
This opprobrious effect is aggravated by the failure to publish a table of the criteria used, plotted against the various units (represented by a code, if anonymity is sought).
Several Villa players were singled out for opprobrious terms, Hampton and Logan being frequently abused and remarks of a scandalous nature were made by some of the spectators, even in the stands.
SIR - It was most disappointing to read the opprobrious language used by Clive Scourfield (Gorslas councillor, Carmarthenshire County Council) in his vitriolic attack on Mrs Lesley Williams of Carmarthen (Letters, Feb 13).
Brosses's and Pinkerton's toponymy and associated cartography were thus racially neutral and their written texts, while often opprobrious, did not systematize human difference.
Moustique reinforces this when before he dies he sees "a black wind blowing, a black wind" (274), which could allude to an opprobrious future, but more possibly to heaven.
The debates of the 1850s in Cuba and the numerous conspiracies that took place in those years were crucial steps prior to the unleashing of the Ten Years' War (1868-78), which would bring resolution to the opprobrious history of slavery.
And the front page article I'd found in the microfilm files at the San Felipe Gazette had a chiding, opprobrious tone: The "Fairyland" Fire seems to have taken the spark out of the Old Emperor at last.
contumelious, opprobrious, and blasphemous" language
To a cheering audience at the pastor's conference, Criswell began his address: "Because of the opprobrious epithet 'liberal,' today they call themselves 'moderates.
When we meet the morose former marine colonel, he might as well say straightaway "I'm a neo-Nazi", and when he mutters something opprobrious about Jim and Jim, the insufferably sweet gay couple, you know for sure he'll grab another man's groin by the last reel.
Trend #1) The Web Puts Everyone at Risk - No longer will porn, gambling or other opprobrious sites host the usual hangouts for malware, spyware or other malicious applications.