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Synonyms for oppressor

Synonyms for oppressor

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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Family violence is not only about the victim, it is also about the oppressor and the other family members.
But they have also called down the wrath of God on oppressors and railed against injustices done to the lowly.
Referring to the stooges of India, he said, 'Barbaric and uncivilized conduct by oppressor is expected but more lethal and deadly weaponry used by the collaborators of this oppression is much more worrisome and distressing.
In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, brilliant Brazilian educator Paulo Freire--a man who has had a profound impact on Western thought--states: "But almost always, during the initial stage of the struggle, the oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors, or 'sub-oppressors'.
Let us look at how the victims of the past have become the oppressors of the present.
According to Freire (1970), this movement from oppressed to oppressor occurs because the oppressed have operated under the guidelines of the oppressors for so long that they have often internalized the guidelines, causing the oppressed to become fearful of their own liberation.
Such demonstrations must take place, because they represent the reaction of the oppressed people against their oppressors.
They spoke loud and clear in their demand for peace and, by ignoring that voice, you yourselves have become the oppressor.
She writes it was painful to listen to people who have suffered so much themselves mock others who suffer in different ways but no less intensely under the same oppressor.
The rationality of non-violence is that the oppressed will inhabit a position of moral superiority, by suffering under the miseries of the oppressor without responding in kind, and will therefore, over time, cause the oppressor, under the influence of his basic moral decency, to perceive the injustice and cruelty he is perpetrating, which will eventually cause him to desist from it.
Is there some other discourse or pedagogy that can make more progress in transforming White consciousness and forming alliances among both oppressor and oppressed?
Meanwhile, we the first to gain our freedom from the oppressor, continue to step backward.
The title of her new show, "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love," says it all: we are the shadow; it is us.
Those who survive and dare to call themselves feminist are alienated from the mass culture by the media and other voices of the oppressor.
She inverted readers' expectations, forcing them to examine their own assumptions and instincts, to perceive how they might identify with and even become the alienator, dominator, and oppressor.