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Synonyms for oppressiveness

a feeling of being oppressed


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unwelcome burdensome difficulty

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Furthermore, we can glean some validation from the work of James Scott who claimed that in societies where power is centralized in the hands of the few, the weak and the disenfranchised will find a way to challenge or supplant the oppressiveness and exclusivity of the system.
The very oppressiveness of the Verwoerd and Botha regimes provided the heat to refine this "almost flawless diamond" - as Archbishop Desmond Tutu described him on his emergence from prison.
While Foucault more or less shows modernism in the form of the process of increasing rationalism to anomaly and dominance, Deleuze and Guattari take it as classifying with oppressiveness of will in social structure and repressed characters, which reinforces the band of fleeing.
Rather, it was to do the theologian's work of speaking truth to power, and to engage in dialogue on topics of vital concern, especially in community and solidarity with those who are suffering from and vulnerable to the oppressiveness and exclusivity of the church's current doctrine of sexuality
In his descriptions of the parties and parks and pubs where writers gathered and talked, Sampson captures the excitement of the city breaking away from the oppressiveness of the 40s and 50s and feeling a new sense of independence and intellectual freedom.
In his discussion of economic globalization, Chung finally begins to interact with several modern proponents of free-market economics, with the hope of demonstrating an innate oppressiveness in the free-market system, though his interaction with opposing views is limited.
20) In this regard, the conspicuousness of the soldiers--however grotesque and absurd they may appear--adds to the oppressiveness of the picture, as well as hinting that the French are a people devoid of freedom, who are subject to military tyranny.
The subject's powerlessness translates into desperate screams: "Dit benauwde in de borst, dit schreeuwen/Om het einde dat men ons niet gunt" ["This oppressiveness in the chest, this screaming/ For the ending not granted to us"] (Pernath 2005: 372).
Headley proceeds from this premise: "The current literary and intellectual fashions that prevail in the life of our campuses suggest that there is nothing unique or exceptional about Western civilization except perhaps its oppressiveness.
The boardroom gives the visitor the impression of being inside a beautifully carved wooden box, with any hint of oppressiveness removed by the broad window on one side, part of the glazed end wall of the upper part of an existing brick structure.
Then, the economic crisis hit, and everything Hollande said in his campaign about money and the wealthy makes the French reaction to the oppressiveness of flagrant displays of wealth even sharper.
In today's hectic world, it is imperative that we manage our time well so that we don't need to feel the oppressiveness of incomplete tasks and activities.
This monitor would be an agency of the legislature that could bring the issue of oppressiveness to an administrative agency's attention and then work collaboratively with that agency to resolve or ameliorate the problem.
An overt pro-coup stance, which is a temporary attitude, is nothing but tangible oppressiveness in organized form of a mindset favoring military tutelage.