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one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

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Oppositionists have spent the last few weeks issuing statements across the Internet to urge Libyans to participate in protests on Thursday to demand sweeping reforms and regime change.
The oppositionists recalled also another person who, as he says, gathered wealth after becoming the president's son- in-law -
Everyone and their dog declare themselves as oppositionists.
However, there is a coward oppositionist who had written to me in the past without revealing his name - since he only uses the pseudonym of "Damascus Damascus.
In a statement published by the pan-Arab newspaper AL HAYAT on December 14, 2011, Sadr said: "Maliki's visit to the United States is considered as a submission to it and a political weakness in violation of the religious authority and the feelings of Muslims in the rejectionist, oppositionist and resistance states.
Hizbullah runs Lebanon," Malik Al-Abdeh, a Syrian oppositionist living in London, told The Media Line, adding that Nasrallah's speech was an indicator to Bashar Al-Asad's level of desperation.
Another leadership contender, Rhodri Glyn Thomas, said the group needed a more oppositionist role.
The following September, Operation Condor organized the Rome attack that disabled Christian Democratic oppositionist Bernardo Leighton and his wife.
the oppositionist message to women has gained support through its flexibility in key areas that affect women.
The vice president clearly wants to be a constructive oppositionist, saying that she would remain supportive of policies of the Duterte administration that she feels are for the benefit and interest of the people despite having drawn the line on a number of issues.
He called for seriously dealing with the demands of the oppositionist ministers and seeking to find solutions to the longstanding dossiers.
Meanwhile, Washington had strongly condemned Russia's action of jailing Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny, after being accused of embezzlement yesterday.
The new appointee is a former oppositionist who was associated with the National Umma Party of former prime minister Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi.
For example, an oppositionist resolution stating the need for SWOC staff to be placed in steel producing communities and be acceptable to steel workers in those communities was easily defeated.
Some experts think that the criminal case against Petrosyan may be grounded by the actor's speeches during oppositionist