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Tendency to pay higher prices consist of the tendency rate of consumer to pay higher prices for obtaining considered brand in same conditions (In terms of volume and equal amount) in oppositeness with other rivals.
But their [hardness and softness] being, and that they both are, and their oppositeness to each other and the being, in its turn, of this oppositeness, are things which the mind itself tries to decide for us, by reviewing them and comparing them with one another.
software patents from the odd vantage of the inherent oppositeness of
More important than the semantic oppositeness between goodness and badness, however, is the source of badness.
First, ideas about a naturally dichotomous relationship between boys and girls is strongly promoted, whereby sexuality fuses the essential oppositeness of the two genders.
Sensations of pleasure and pain, however, are too heterogeneous for their oppositeness to be analogously simple.
Results revealed that the intellectually gifted children exhibit the following personality characteristics: (a) tendency to approach situations from personal reflections; (b) sophisticated emotional resources; (c) high levels of initiative and creativity; (d) tendency to perfectionism; (e) need to control situations; (f) unconventionality; (h) high levels of sensibility; (i) oppositeness, as well as (j) insight resources.