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They reported that certain bands of the Sioux Tetons, who inhabited a region many leagues further up the Missouri, were near at hand, awaiting the approach of the party, with the avowed intention of opposing their progress.
In such actions, instead of two crowds opposing each other, the men disperse, attack singly, run away when attacked by stronger forces, but again attack when opportunity offers.
Therefore there enters into the former game not only the strategy of jetan but the personal prowess and bravery of each individual piece, so that a knowledge not only of one's own men but of each player upon the opposing side is of vast value to a chief.
The fourth move after the victory of the Black Odwar found Gahan upon U-Dor's fourth; an Orange Panthan was on the adjoining square diagonally to his right and the only opposing piece that could engage him other than U-Dor himself.
U-Dor could move out and engage Gahan, or he could move his Princess' Panthan upon the square occupied by Gahan in he hope that the former would defeat the Black Chief and thus draw the game, which is the outcome if any other than a Chief slays the opposing Chief, or he could move away and escape, temporarily, the necessity for personal combat, or at least that is evidently what he had in mind as was obvious to all who saw him scanning the board about him; and his disappointment was apparent when he finally discovered that Gahan had so placed himself that there was no square to which U-Dor could move that it was not within Gahan's power to reach at his own next move.
carefully instruct them in their duty of opposing every royal measure.
For a generation, radical French philosophers had been opposing to the actual misery of the peasants the ideal of the natural right of all men to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and at last in 1789 the people, headed by the lawyers and thinkers of the middle class, arose in furious determination, swept away their oppressors, and after three years established a republic.
His 'Good Natured Man,' written with the express purpose of opposing them, and brought out in 1768, was reasonably successful, and in 1771 his far superior 'She Stoops to Conquer' virtually put an end to Sentimental Comedy.
said Maggie, in a tone of sad remonstrance; but she had no spirit to dispute anything then, still less to vex Tom by opposing him.
The future in the Middle East will come not just from opposing Muslim extremists but also opposing an Arab rule of law that doesn't guarantee religious freedom," said O'Leary
Opposing Counsel: I'll withdraw the question if you'll stipulate that your client is an idiot.
When pundits and politicians give us their expert opinion about the battle between Republicans and Democrats in the November 7 congressional elections, they generally describe the opposing forces as occupying opposite sides of a giant political divide.
1999: Robert Davies in Nova Scotia, who was censored for opposing special "gay" union status; a Manitoba professor, who was denounced for listing 18 homosexualist "myths;"
On national issues, Zine voted against council resolutions opposing the Iraq war and the Patriot Act, but supported another endorsing gay marriage.
LWVUS sent more than 25 action alerts on League priority issues, including election reform supporting HAVA funding and the Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Act; civil liberties calling for fixes to the Patriot Act, supporting the Security and Freedom Ensured Act (SAFE) and the Freedom to Read Act; supporting DC Voting Rights and opposing the elimination of DC gun laws enacted by the District's representative government; clean air opposing the dirty energy bill and the "Clear Skies" initiative; campaign finance reform defending the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and opposing loopholes for soft money; and reproductive choice opposing the Unborn Victims of Violence Act and defending the United Nations Population Fund.