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  • verb

Synonyms for oppose

be against


Synonyms for oppose

to place in opposition or be in opposition to

to take a stand against

Synonyms for oppose

contrast with equal weight or force

set into opposition or rivalry

Related Words

act against or in opposition to

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While 76% percent of Arabs oppose intermarriage between a Jewish man and Arab woman, 61% are opposed to intermarriage between a Jewish woman and Arab man - meaning they are more tolerant of Arab men marrying Jewish women.
Washington, Dhu-AlQa'dah 8, 1437, Aug 11, 2016, SPA -- Hillary Clinton says she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and will oppose it as president, dpa reported.
Would you support or oppose building more windfarms?
1 : to disagree with or disapprove of <They oppose the proposed changes.
A majority of Americans oppose a proposal to expand the Clean Water Act, according to a new nationwide survey released by the National Center for Public Policy Research.
Those with no religious affiliation also oppose the war, but not to the same extent that Jewish people do.
Oppose any change that would redefine service-connected disability or restrict the conditions or circumstances under which it may be established.
Admittedly, many congressional Democrats may now oppose some of Bush's dangerous proposals for amassing presidential power, but how would these same congressmen vote if Hillary Clinton or another like-minded Democrat were to be elected president two years from now?
The real issue is the right to publicly oppose the homosexual lifestyle in speech and writing, and even the right to not want to be involved in promoting this lifestyle--in business, schools, and as owners or employees of companies of any size.
In June, the LWVUS joined with other civil rights organizations in urging Senators to oppose the "Federal Marriage Amendment" (S.
The panel's 22 members from across the country oppose having local cops enforce immigration laws but want employers to verify workers' citizenship status.
A recent poll by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life found that 65 percent of Americans oppose the type of church-based politicking that Jones' bill would allow.
More than half of New Hampshire's school districts oppose yet another unfunded mandate from the feds.
But Greenwich Village residents oppose big box stores because they will take away space from playing fields for their children, while Brooklyn borough officials grumble about the aquarium competing with the one at Coney Island.
1) Regardless of whether the sites favor medical abortion (15 sites), oppose it (16) or take no obvious stance (nine), fewer than four in five note an author's name, fewer than three in five state an academic or professional affiliation, and no more than half provide references for the information they present.