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capable of being placed opposite to something



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The application has as main objective the provision, employees of EDF, its subsidiaries and distributors, documentation opposable HR and only reference documents.
I would like to reiterate the call launched by the Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries, held in May in Algiers to engage negotiations for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons as part of a phased program and according to a timetable leading to a convention opposable to all," said Lamamra in a speech before to the high level segment of the Conference on Disarmament.
Arla's Cravendale brand is ditching its longstanding cow-pirate-cyclist TV ads for a new [pounds sterling]12m campaign - featuring cats with opposable thumbs - in a bid to boost household penetration of its filtered milk.
McCain (above) retains faith in the seven-year-old though and this looks an easier opportunity, with main rival Flight Leader opposable as an 11-yearold still waiting for a first win over fences.
6 million years ago, countering the idea that skills for toolmaking drove the evolution of opposable thumbs.
Ida was a lemur-like animal who had opposable thumbs and primate-like teeth.
However, seeing as there aren't many badgers who actually watch BBC Two - nothing to do with the lack of opposable thumbs making it a bugger to negotiate the remote control, they simply prefer ITV - then it all seemed like a bit of a pointless exercise.
Ida had opposable toes, which made her a primate, and a talus bone in her ankle, as humans do, as well as fingernails, rather than the claws possessed by her predecessors.
In fact, if Enzo only had opposable thumbs, he also could be the first canine champion driver because Denny has imparted to Enzo over the years many of his insights on how to handle a speeding automobile.
THE OPPOSABLE MIND How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking
Martin will discuss the findings from The Opposable Mind: How Successful Leaders Win Through Integrative Thinking (Harvard Business Press, 2007) during a presentation in Hong Kong.
The article, a preview of his forthcoming book, The Opposable Mind, was widely acclaimed.
Opposable fingers and toes on its front and back feet give a great climbing grip, and help explain why it's called a monkey frog.
Thankfully, the game is relatively short and anyone with opposable thumbs should be able to complete it in quick time.
The Opposable Mind is sparing in its use of charts and diagrams, but it is Martin's words and ideas that carry the day.