opportunity cost

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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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The point of all of this, for any business or organization, is that there is a huge potential opportunity cost associated with a lack of understanding of the power of your website.
Excluding interest and opportunity cost, purchased feed and homegrown forage accounted for 36.
What's the difference between opportunity cost and just cost?
As with the earlier discussion regarding store underperformance, the opportunity cost risks of missed asset expansion opportunities are highly variable.
However, gas started to become scarce in the 1990s, limiting expansion of the petrochemical sector and introducing a clear opportunity cost to using gas for power generation.
This total cost definition violates the opportunity cost principle of economic decision making by including sunk costs and as such, commits the proverbial problem of "adding apples and oranges".
Chiyachantana and Jain present the first comprehensive analysis of a frequently ignored component of implementation shortfall: the opportunity cost of institutional decisions that are not executed.
He proposed an alternative strategy for empirically modeling M2 by altering the opportunity cost measure to include a long-term Treasury bond rate.
Otherwise, this is not just a lost opportunity; it's an opportunity cost that puts a great burden on future residents, occupants and tenants.
Additionally RealEC's Opportunity Cost Allocation Models allow the lender to further designate the allocation of Mortgage Insurance orders based upon the opportunity to receive an order, instead of the acceptance of an order.
There is also a third cost of living category: the opportunity cost of a senior's home.
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Setup activities due to product changeovers are costly disruptions to a production process, but accounting systems traditionally ignore a significant effect of setups--the opportunity cost of lost capacity.
based Education Policy Institute, embrace the economist's concept of cost--the opportunity cost of all the resources forgone.
Contributing to the negative effects of immigration restriction is the opportunity cost of enforcing immigration laws.
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