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Synonyms for opportunist

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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Atwoli said Tuesday was a test for Kenyans 'to see some of the political opportunists who would vanish when there is a risk to take'.
But, he said some opportunists in the party, had tried to give chance to own people by ignoring the ideological workers of the party that created differences among the party ranks.
Opportunist shoppers at Macy's were made up of 8 percent more millennials than the typical shopper group.
Egyptian opportunists are usually placed in key functional positions, but are rarely appointed as top government executives.
Sat-navs, a suitcase and a laptop are among the items victims have reported as being stolen by opportunist thieves.
The reality is that Mr Farage is no more than a political opportunist.
Addressing a news conference here a day after he was refused a ticket to contest this year's general elections by the P leadership, Binny also called former IBN7 managing editor Ashutosh an opportunist.
PC Shendy Blakemore, from the local neighbourhood police team, said motorists should remove all items for opportunist thieves.
Our analysis confirms that, while consumers and media may tell a story of efforts to eat healthier and exercise more, opportunists are choosing taste.
The advice forms part of Operation Soundwave aimed at targeting opportunist criminals involved in crimes such as theft.
Chief Insp Darren Walsh said: "On hot evenings there is a temptation to leave windows open to try and cool the house but opportunists may take advantage and would only need seconds to nip in and out.
Inspector Julie Sheard said: "It is really important vehicle owners remove any personal property from their cars to deter opportunists and avoid becoming a victim of crime.
QUETTA, August 22, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The leaders of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Youth Wing, Balochistan have said that there are few opportunists, who are trying to propagate against the senior vice president of PML-N Youth Wing, Jehangir Kharoti.
Baghdad / NINA / Member of the National Coalition ,head of Iraqi Olemaa group in the south part of Iraq Khalid Mullah warned from sectarian division of Iraq adopted by some who he called opportunists and who do not care about the Iraqi people interest , but seek of their own benefits, he says.
The Opportunists plan to increase their capacity through new hires--they are financially healthy and have the resources to invest in their business.
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