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Synonyms for opportunist

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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Sat-navs, a suitcase and a laptop are among the items victims have reported as being stolen by opportunist thieves.
The reality is that Mr Farage is no more than a political opportunist.
Addressing a news conference here a day after he was refused a ticket to contest this year's general elections by the P leadership, Binny also called former IBN7 managing editor Ashutosh an opportunist.
PC Shendy Blakemore, from the local neighbourhood police team, said motorists should remove all items for opportunist thieves.
The advice forms part of Operation Soundwave aimed at targeting opportunist criminals involved in crimes such as theft.
The vast majority of burglars are opportunists and don't want a confrontation or to physically break into a property so if you keep your home secure you're much less likely to become a victim.
Recent crime statistics show that a quarter of all items stolen from cars is personal possessions, with sat navs being the most popular target for opportunist thieves.
Mullah said in a statement today: "Some opportunists going on dividing Iraq and not care about the Iraqi people.
It you ever needed proof that they are opportunists, surely this is it.
In his article "'The Race' to Win America" (August 7 issue), he cites the usual hypocrites, opportunists, and power brokers who spoke glowingly of the racist NCLR: men like Karl Rove, Bill Clinton, and New Mexico governor William Richardson.
He said the thieves were opportunists who would try doors searching for ones that were left unlocked.
PC Stan Baker, crime risk manager for Bromsgrove, said: "Thieves are known to be opportunists and by leaving your car for a few minutes to warm up, you are giving them more than enough time to jump behind the wheel and drive off with it.
Several homes in Yarm and Eaglescliffe have been targeted recently and the opportunists have been getting in by forcing windows and doors.
Subversive projects flourish in the shadows of more respectable activities, and despite Napster's public evisceration, kids, opportunists, and indie types enjoy a new class of open-source browsers, peer-to-peer tools, code libraries and uncontrollable news of cultural data (music, movies, porn, writing).
He takes on a group of international conspirators that includes a former Soviet submarine commander and French, German, and American opportunists.
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