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taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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Both principals agreed that "As the real estate market evolves, we are looking forward to expanding our relationships, track record portfolio with an even greater mix of non-performing notes and other opportunistic real estate opportunities.
We're pleased to offer this new Fund in response to demand for DDJ's opportunistic high yield strategy at a lower investment minimum and with daily valuation.
KHC recently invested in the Rizvi Opportunistic Equity Fund III building on the previous successful relation, which led to KHC investment in Twitter.
Lately, KHC has endowed in the Rizvi Opportunistic Equity Fund III building on the previous successful relation that headed to KHC investment in Twitter.
The majority of infections that occur in organ transplant recipients are opportunistic and are a major cause of death.
Interpretation & conclusions: Parasitic infections were detected in 35 per cent HIV infected patients and low CD4 count was significantly associated with opportunistic infection.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has announced that it is seeking to make opportunistic acquisitions.
The impact of nonopportunistic diseases on people with HIV is increasingly under scrutiny in an era when antiretroviral therapy (ART) has led to a decline in morbidity and mortality from "classic" opportunistic diseases, Dr.
After the emergence of HIV infection, histoplasmosis has become 1 of many troublesome opportunistic infections among patients with AIDS.
The search for higher returns than can likely be generated by core real estate has led institutional investors to look under every stone and allocate significantly more capital to value-add, opportunistic and offshore real estate strategies.
POLICE are warning people who leave doors and windows open during hot weather to be wary of opportunistic burglars.
Macy) who'd like to put a skull- and-crossbones label on cigarette packaging; an opportunistic reporter (Katie Holmes) willing to have wild sex with Nick to further her career; the opportunistic (get the emphasis here?
Scientists had previously proposed that such opportunistic infections develop when the immune system is weakened.
People are dying in different ways, not from the typical opportunistic infections seen more frequently in the earlier clays of AIDS.
Patients with certain opportunistic infections in the past will be considered, and need to have a T-cell count above 200;