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Synonyms for opportunist

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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The vast majority of burglars are opportunists and don't want a confrontation or to physically break into a property so if you keep your home secure you're much less likely to become a victim.
A handbag, wallet, mobile phone or keys left next to an unlocked front door or open window can present an incredibly easy target for opportunist burglars who can take them in just a few seconds.
We'll be on hand to ensure everyone behaves themselves and to provide a high-visibility presence to deter opportunist criminals who are keen to exploit the high number of visitors a game like this attracts.
Opportunist Magazine was chosen to launch this new program because its readers are very interested in knowing about small-cap stocks with the potential for exponential growth.
In the 1980s car radio/cassettes were the major target of 'smash and grab' opportunist thieves.
If not for the ultimate opportunist in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, it could have been very different.
Along with Molly Ivins, I share Sheehan's contempt for Hillary Clinton, who seems to be an opportunist.
All of which, I suppose, makes Lepage some modality of Opportunist of the Self: the quintessential artist.
Shelley scored his first try for four years and former England hooker Regan's opportunist effort after the break clinched a superb win for the Tykes with Gordon Ross adding 14 points with the boot.
Police are urging people in the West Midlands to be extra vigilant over Christmas to safeguard their homes from opportunist burglars.
Biographers of George Orwell have since accused his widow of being an opportunist, a sexual adventuress, and a harridan.
The brain increasingly looks like a sensory opportunist.
Opportunist -- Exploit issues for personal gain, follow the crowd but get in front, unsacrificing.
The third type of CIO is the "technology opportunist," an executive responsibility that has grown from the demands of e-business.
But where the moral chameleon tries to avoid conflict, the moral opportunist places primary value on his own short-term self-interest.