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at an opportune time

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During the few days that we all remained & hunted there, we saw but few tracks of Elk & only shot some smaller Deer & fell in most opportunely with a large band of Buffalo, for the larder was extremely low for our large party.
But seen from the perspective of Mei's Chinese theatre, had Mei performed there for the British public, it would have been even more ironic, as his performance must have been perceived in light of traditional European chinoiserie or, more opportunely, of Hsiung's Chinese chinoiserie.
The town is opportunely placed for many of the coastal and rural attractions to be found on this part of the island and is approximately one and a half miles from the A55 expressway, allowing rapid commuting throughout the island, to the mainland, passing by the acclaimed university city of Bangor, which offers a vast range of shops and services together with a first-rate rail service, and onwards to Chester, ultimately linking up with the UK motorway network.
com)-- With the Scottish Government's pledge of an additional [pounds sterling]150 million to youth mental health services over the next five years, our Improving Children and Young People's Mental Health Conference is opportunely timed to bring together best practice examples from the public sector and charitable organisations to develop mental health care provision.
Opportunely, he is able to fill a position organizing an information network involving Southeast Asia for Human Rights Watch (Saman:175).
It doesn't matter how careful they pretend to be -- not even the cutting-edge technology used by the British Petroleum could stop opportunely the spill of oil in the Gulf of Mexico," Chavez said.
Clearly not only orbitals but also quantum mechanics, as a collection of mathematical methods [13], can be opportunely discarded from general chemical education until the post-graduate level; if topics of quantum physics, such as the details of atomic spectra and the photoelectric effect of molecules or solid materials, be deemed germane for significant objectives, there is no objection to their discussion, free from the baggage of orbitals.
With the intervention, they learn, therefore, to re/interpret and re/invent their relationship with the treatment and they may, opportunely, make the legacy of this learning become their guide to find the best possible way of changing life in order to live life: "The research study was a new beginning of everything.
Varys shows up opportunely and they're now also going to be on their way to Weateros to join up with Daenerys' formidable army.
7-9,13) These data are worrying since this condition in not appropriately and opportunely evaluated, and, when it is treated, its management is not optimal.
Even then we would have some difficulty with statute, which Dr Swain solves in the not uncommon way of letting it simply 'intervene', sometimes opportunely, sometimes inadequately, but rarely worth analysing for its influences, precursors and progenitors in the way judge-made law is thought to be.
Opportunely, the Sugar Trust distributed its ostentatious gratuities so the Treaty of Paris was ratified by a single vote.
MENTION the Hyundai i10 to a car industry type and they'll probably tell you that this was the car that benefited most opportunely from the Government scrappage scheme.
In this, Manila's objective to enhance its security (through American support as leverage against China) has opportunely dovetailed with Washington's strategy to pivot away from years of serious military engagement elsewhere toward the Asia-Pacific, partly to "manage," if not contain, a rising China.
44) The progress of judicial development was further marked by the importation of a custom-made gallows, opportunely timed for the execution of the murderers of Sarawak's second governor, Duncan Stewart, in March 1950.