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infestation with flukes obtained from eating raw fish

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Currently, there is an opisthorchiasis morbidity rate in West Kazakhstan Region; opisthorchiasis is a parasitic natural-focal disease characterized by hepatobiliary system affect.
Opisthorchiasis (caused by opisthorchis felineus) is a widespread parasitic disease of humans and animals, the causative agent of which develops at different stages of ontogenesis both in a body of different hosts and in the environment (water biocenosis).
To clarify the epidemiological situation of opisthorchiasis in West Kazakhstan Region, a sanitary-epidemiological surveillance analysis of data of the population's morbidity rate was carried out.
To determine the presence of opisthorchiasis metacercariae in the fish, they were examined by the compressor method, followed by microscopy using MBS [3,9].
Opisthorchiasis was suspected because of the patient's travel history and report of eating carpaccio (Italian dish made with raw fish/meat) near Lake Bolsena (8).
To confirm the diagnosis of opisthorchiasis, we obtained another fecal sample 1 month later, and low numbers of Opisthorchis eggs were seen by microscopy.
4 million persons worldwide have opisthorchiasis, of whom [approximately equal to]325,000 are in Europe (1).
The reference standard for diagnosing opisthorchiasis is observation of eggs in feces by microscopy.
A case of opisthorchiasis was defined as Opistorchidae spp.
The detection of opisthorchiasis foci in Byelorussia [in Russian].
Clinical manifestation of opisthorchiasis and treatment.
We report an outbreak of acute opisthorchiasis in a family that was infected in a non-disease-endemic area after eating raw carp illegally imported from a highly disease-endemic area in Siberia.
The pathologic and clinical consequences of opisthorchiasis are related to the intensity and duration of cumulative infestations.
Because so many persons have emigrated from the former USSR to Western countries in recent years, physicians in these countries should be more familiar with the condition; thus, review of the epidemiology of opisthorchiasis in former USSR is appropriate.
The impact of a decade long opisthorchiasis control program in northeastern Thailand.