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examination of the interior of an eye using an ophthalmoscope

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A complete ocular examination including modified Schirmer tear test I (mSTTI) (Schirmer tear test, Intervet, Summit, NJ, USA) (n = 9 birds; 18 eyes) or phenol red thread test (PRTT) (Zone-Quick, Showa Yakuhin Kako Co, Tokyo, Japan) (n = 8 birds; 16 eyes), fluorescein staining, and intraocular pressure (IOP) evaluation by applanation (Tonopen XL [TP] Mentor Corp, Santa Barbara, CA, USA) (n = 9 birds; 18 eyes) or rebound (TonoVet [TV] Tiolat Oy Lumic International, Baltimore, MD, USA) (n = 8 birds; 16 eyes) tonometry followed by slit-lamp biomicroscopy, and direct ophthalmoscopy was performed.
Sensitivity and specificity of photography and direct ophthalmoscopy in screening for sight threatening eye disease: The Liverpool Diabetic Eye Study.
Virtual reality indirect ophthalmoscopes are available with pre-programmed virtual images of various retinal conditions to train registrars in the technique of indirect ophthalmoscopy, to recognise the pathology and to make retinal sketches.
10:30 Simulation and Injection Molding of High Precision Plastic BI--Aspheric Lenses for Ophthalmoscopy 1591535 | Deepak Rathinaraj Chandrasekaran, Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology
No ophthalmoscopy, tonometry, slit lamp examination or refraction were carried out therefore diseases of vitreous, retina, optic nerve could not be detected.
The ophthalmoscopy and the electroretinogram (ERG) also confirmed the beneficial effects of Pycnogenol.
From 6 October 2009 to 6 October 2010, participants identified by clinic staff as having a possible CMV-R diagnosis from routine retinal screening (indirect ophthalmoscopy with fully dilated pupils) were referred to study representatives at the same clinic for assessment of eligibility, voluntary informed consent procedures and enrolment into the study.
Telemedicine has shown better sensitivity (98 percent) and specificity (86 percent) in detecting DR than ophthalmoscopy (Moss et al.
A Prospective clinical study, was carried out on 245 eyes of 245 patients-166 primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) eyes and 129 primary chronic angle closure glaucoma (CPACG) eyes, of different severities of glaucoma, to evaluate and compare scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and perimetry in adult POAG and CAPACG, over at least 5 years.
Children's eyes are dilated and the fundi examined by an ophthalmologist or trained clinician with indirect ophthalmoscopy as soon as possible after admission to the research ward.
Biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy were performed to examine the retina.
Additional examinations include ophthalmoscopy, perimetry gonioscopy and visual field tests.
The other is ophthalmoscopy, in which an eye specialist uses an instrument called ophthalmoscope to look directly through the pupil at the optic nerve.
The retina in systemic disease; a color manual of ophthalmoscopy.