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the branch of medicine concerned with the eye and its diseases

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WU Jun, Senior Deputy General Manager of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group and Chairman of China Resources Zizhu, said, "China Resources Zizhu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources Pharmaceutical Group, is a leader in the reproductive health pharmaceuticals market in China and has achieved rapid development in the R&D and marketing of ophthalmologic drugs.
Based on current information, in our opinion, clinicians in areas where Zika virus is present should perform ophthalmologic examinations on all microcephalic babies.
However, there was no correlation between the high leukocyte counts and ophthalmologic manifestations in our patients.
Ophthalmologic findings can include uveitis, iritis, vitrial detachment, optic neuritis, and marked vision loss.
Ophthalmologic examinations were performed on all eight patients, and records were reviewed for five.
InSite is advancing new specialty ophthalmologic products for treatment of diseases affecting the front and back of the eye.
If these children were to have unrecognized ophthalmologic abnormalities that limited visual acuity, there could be further detrimental effects on development.
Other veterinary specialists based in the US, Peru, and Australasia present information in an outline format on anesthesia; pain management; wounds and wound care; basic fluid therapy; management of gastrointestinal/abdominal conditions; thorax conditions; bacterial, mycotic, viral, and parasitic infections; gestational concerns; dentistry; dermatologic and ophthalmologic conditions; managing behavior problems; and drug dosages.
Under the terms of the agreement, Eisai shall grant Santen the rights to evaluate the feasibility of developing compounds disclosed by Eisai for use in the ophthalmologic field within a certain period as well as the rights of first negotiation for a license agreement concerning any selected compound.
Subtle paralysis of the cranial nerves, together with a series of ophthalmologic alterations related to an increase in the intraocular venous pressure and ischaemia of the retina were frequently observed.
The center, on the eighth floor of the Jones Eye Institute, was made possible by a $3 million gift from the Tollett family, "The center is the only one of its kind in the region, and puts the Institute on the leading edge nationally for merging medical genetics into ophthalmologic care," UAMS said in a press release.
It details principles and techniques for performing a variety of ophthalmologic examinations and tests and interpreting results.
Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe said his company's support had enabled Alcon's management to turn a minor player in the industry into a global leader of the ophthalmologic sector.
The event, held in co-ordination with the Bahrain Ophthalmologic Association and the Bahrain Osteoporosis Society, was followed by a meeting at the Bahrain Medical Society, Juffair, chaired by its treasurer and consultant ophthalmologist Dr Nada Al Yousuf.