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a hard flap serving as a cover for (a) the gill slits in fishes or (b) the opening of the shell in certain gastropods when the body is retracted

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Supply - access controlled access columns for the collection of omrs; shelters large volume bins with access control, - aerial operculum columns for the collection of dry recyclables outside glass.
Therefore, in order to avoid predation, many serpulids instead rely on radiolar eyes located on their feeding tentacles or the operculum.
3 times as long as preceding somite, tapering posteriorly; with naked rounded anal operculum; the two sensilla associated to the anal operculum separated by a gap about as wide as the width of the anal operculum, and displaced medially.
phosphide on the behaviour of the fish which included graying of the epidermal layer of the skin, yellowish colouration of the operculum, fin and ope+rcula movement and eventually death.
The inferior and anterior borders are formed by the temporal operculum and the limen insulae, respectively.
A large cerebral edema was noted intraoperatively, and it was decided not to put back the bone operculum in order to relax the brain.
Soon after torsion was completed, spines at the end of metapodium and the operculum were formed (stage 20).
Although staff at the majority of the laboratories had considerable experience aging tautog, with the use of the operculum as the structure for determining age, and staff at a few of the laboratories had experience with otoliths of tautog, the precision of age estimates between laboratories was similar for both structures.
Prefrontal Arteries (PFA): The arteries fan out over the insula and exit to the cortex via the medial surface of the frontal operculum.
Similar tubes let some other land snails breathe when a little blast-door operculum shuts the main opening of their shel Is.
Microscopic examination of fecal sediment revealed unembryonated ellipsoidal eggs with an operculum and abopercular knob at opposite ends (2).
The arches showed lamellar protrusions and were partially covered by operculum (Fig.
The family Caligidae, mainly Caligus and Lepeophtheirus species are widespread sea lice copepods that parasitize body surface, cavity of the mouth, the gills, and the operculum of teleosts and elasmobranchs (Ho et al.
operculum The cap or lid covering the mouth of the capsule, which detaches at maturity to allow dispersal of the spores.
The sex of the individual snails was also identified based on the description of Mahilum and Demayo [24], wherein females have broader mouth and concave operculum while males have more convex operculum.