operational damage

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Operational damage occurs during the bearing service period and for two main reasons.
The tenderer must be aware that due to natural wastage and operational damage to kits, small quantities of kits may require replacing, for example 1 single Kit at a time Response deadline (Irish time) 28-11-2014 16:00
This is also an area that takes considerable operational damage and requires ongoing routine maintenance to keep the LCAC running properly.
Precio's support of GPAS, Switch Probe and Pearl Brush options allow customers to maximize probe card lifetime and eliminate the risk of operational damage to tooling.
light microscopy is used for the basic evaluation of microstructure and operational damage.
Internal incidents are increasing according to industry research, and they cause much greater financial and operational damage.
PIPA can precisely detect component operational damage at the atomic level and can assess the remaining useful life in a variety of materials, including jet turbine engine propulsion systems.
This allows the building to move independently, reducing the chances of major structural and operational damage.
They've also had irreversible reputational, legal and operational damages that incurred significant losses in both profits and customer trust", said Osama Zeineh, al khaliji Group Head of Compliance.
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