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Synonyms for operational

Synonyms for operational

in effect

Synonyms for operational

fit or ready for use or service

(military) of or intended for or involved in military operations

being in effect or operation

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The final trend leading to an increased focus on operational risk is banks desire to rebuild reputations.
But by getting our AIS capability quickly into the hands of operators, we received significant operational feedback that allowed us to make measurable and attainable improvements to our baseline in weeks, not years.
The operational level features within a specific theatre of operations.
4 is proceeding from the warfighter's perspective and incorporates user feedback that defines 69 operational good enough requirements.
Even the use of snapshot technology still requires the application to be brought down, causing operational impact.
Internationally active banks and banks having significant exposure to operational risk would be expected to adopt the more risk sensitive AMA option over time.
Ken Peck, left, presents the Detachment 5 flag to Operational Test and Evaluation Center commander Col.
This foreign comparative test will add the SPOT 5 satellite interface and processing to an existing Eagle Vision for field tests and operational evaluation.
where A(s) is the open loop gain of the operational amplifier in V/V.
For the first time, quantitative analysis draws a direct and compelling connection between operational excellence and shareholder value creation.
These procedures must have been routinely followed and the operational violation must have occurred as a result of an oversight, a mistake in applying the procedures or an inadequacy in the procedures.
A Short Guide to Operational Risk" provides you with a basic yet comprehensive overview of the nature of operational risk in organizations.
There is no question that Department of Defense and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff directives have increased the development of operational and systems architectures.
This effort to integrate testing is born out by the fact that the new AFI 99-103 (2004) is itself a compilation of the former AFI 99-101 (1996), Developmental Test and Evaluation; AFI 99-102 (1998), Operational Test and Evaluation; and AFI 99-105 (1994), Live Fire Test and Evaluation.
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