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having influence or producing an effect

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Il enregistre une croissance annuelle de 9%, avec 500 entreprises operant dans le secteur, a indique le president de la Chambre Syndicale des Fabricants de plastique (CSFP), Faical Bradai, qui intervenait, a cette journee d'information.
We could say that adults establish fairly systematic operant programs that end up with the internalization of social speech (Alcaraz, 1990; Mowrer, 1954).
Scientifically, operant conditioning is about how our responses are conditioned by "reinforcers" or "punishers" as part of an intent to define the way humans can automatically learn through personal experience.
Measurement of operant behavior in rodents has been used to analyze various dimensions of the impulsivity.
There are three basic ways you can use operant conditioning:
The study 'Drosophila FoxP mutants are deficient in operant self-learning' is published in PLOS One.
Khartoum, 8 Juin (SUNA) - Le ministre des Mines Dr Ahmed Mohammed Mohamed Al-Sadiq Al-Karuri a accueilli toutes les entreprises turques operant dans le domaine des mineraux au Soudan.
I suggest that God was using a technique psychologists call operant conditioning.
This edition has updated content; new topics like evaluative conditioning, asocial observational learning, computer-based VRET (virtual reality exposure therapy), progressive schedules, and constraint-induced movement therapy; more studies, especially those that are controversial or counterintuitive; new applications, including the use of Pavlovian and operant procedures for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of medical disorders; and replacement of the Miller-Dollard theory of observational learning with a generic operant learning theory.
Vingt-cinq personnes sont mortes et des dizaines d'autres ont ete blessees avant-hier samedi a Benghazi lors d'affrontements entre des manifestants, qui ont finalement recu le renfort des forces gouvernementales, et une milice operant avec l'approbation du ministere de la Defense.
Rabat - Le precheur de la mosquee Al-Aqsa a AlQods occupee et premier vice-president de la Haute autorite islamique dans la ville Sainte, Cheikh Youssef Joum Salama a exalte, mercredi, le role "singulier et important" joue par le Comite AlQods et l'Agence Bayt Mal AlQods Acharif dans le soutien aux Maqdissis et aux institutions palestiniennes operant dans divers domaines dans cette ville.
Although the behavioral treatment techniques used in speech and language training are based on Skinner's experimenta1 analysis of behavior (Skinner, 1953) and the resulting operant conditioning techniques, academic training of SLPs do not seem to include the behavioral (operant) view of verbal behavior to any significant extent (See Table 1).
This direct link provides opportunities for an almost seamless translation of knowledge gained in basic operant laboratories to significant social problems encountered in the community.
reported on 125 fibromyalgia patients randomized to cognitive-behavioral therapy, operant behavioral therapy, or a control group.