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The good news for opera and operagoers is that Catan, who once said that the genre is bigger than language, took giant steps towards establishing that tradition by composing four successful operas with Latin American cultural and linguistic context.
Asked to list fifteen operatic masterpieces, I think most operagoers would include most of the operas discussed here, such as Le nozze di Figaro, Tristan und lsolde, Wozzeck, or Pelleas et Milisande.
This phenomenon stemmed firstly from the rise of middle-class women in Shanghai; secondly from the migration of Ningbo-Shaoxing natives to that city; and thirdly from the emergence of female operagoers.
Starring Ronald Samm as Othello, Keel Watson as Iago and Stephanie Corley as Desdemona, as well as local boy Byron Jackson as Montano in his first paid professional engagement, Othello attracted audiences of all ages and backgrounds - many of them first-time operagoers - as it explored issues of identity, racism, jealousy, religion and wife-killing.
By Karla Adam LONDONAuFor some seasoned operagoers, it represented the end of all things civilized, a musical Armageddon.
In parsing the individual voices making up this complete polyphony, one hears each character's stories in the rhythms of vernacular speech, whereas classical operagoers are used to hearing heightened vowel expressions (especially the ah and oh sounds, which increase the acoustic range and overall volume of the voice).
And thanks to the commitment of the performers, both in the pit and on stage, and the design team that has made the whole experience visually as well as aurally gratifying with period settings and costumes, even unseasoned operagoers will find themselves rewarded.
In the event, the Metropolitan Opera opted for safety, and its new production (which I heard March 9), traffic-cop-directed by Marthe Keller, is generalized to the point of anonymity and will frighten no horses or operagoers.
Generally regarded as Mozart's greatest opera, this new production, stunningly costumed and sung in English, is sure to please both regular and new operagoers alike.
Spurious comparisons have been made between "opera toffs and sick tots" - affluent operagoers versus hospitals for children.
Traviata was seen by nearly 10,000 people in Birmingham, of whom a high proportion were first-time operagoers who paid just pounds 5 for their tickets - an achievement which won the company a prestigious Royal Philharmonic audience award for audience development for the second time in its history.
The integrated program will capitalize on the credibility of the organization's 48-year history while appealing to new operagoers and new corporate sponsors.
The belief was that if the operagoers were brought into an unmistakably Chinese environment they would be more likely to approach Chinese opera on its own terms rather than to compare it with Western opera or drama.
Miller seems never to have made up his own mind about what he wanted to say, much less sent out a clear signal to operagoers.
Comic and clever--though perhaps a little too clever since only sophisticated operagoers are likely to savor the stylistic references, parodies and musical complexities.